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Daten, relaties, zelfvertrouwen, communicatie en meer. Ik transformeer jou binnen 8 weken tot een eerlijke casanova.

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Bekijk en luister naar de verhalen van mijn leerlingen en ontdek wat er allemaal mogelijk is voor jouw eigen ontwikkeling.

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Heb jij jezelf afgevraagd waarom het zo lastig is om jezelf te blijven wanneer je aangetrokken bent tot iemand?

Ik weet al wat je denkt, hoe gaat deze kale knikker mij vertellen wat het betekent om een “HONEST CASANOVA” te zijn. Wat betekent het überhaupt? En waarom zou je naar mij moeten luisteren.

Hi, ik ben Cumhur

Mijn coachingprogramma is het resultaat van meer dan 20 jaar ervaring als een danser, leerkracht, coach en ja ook een casanova. Ik heb talloze jonge mannen geholpen te leren hoe zij door beperkende gedachten heen kunnen breken en los kunnen komen van hun mind.

Tegelijkertijd leer ik je ook hoe jij je mind kan gebruiken in sociale interacties, flirten, daten, relaties en de geheimen van een gelukkige relatie met een partner van je dromen.

Mijn coaching is uniek, ik werk niet met iedereen en ik hoef je niets te verkopen, mijn doel is om alle mannen in Nederland en daar voorbij te leren wat het betekent om een Honest Casanova te zijn en de samenleving gelukkiger achter te laten.

Honest Casanova Missie

Ik bied een oplossing aan. Ik leer je niet alleen oppervlakkige onzin over daten en kleine trucjes, maar ik leer je daadwerkelijk hoe je jezelf kunt transformeren in een zelfverzekerde en aantrekkelijke man die vrouwen achtervolgen.

Ongeacht hoe je eruitziet, met onze gepersonaliseerde plannen en coaching wil ik je leren hoe je deze vaardigheden kunt beheersen.

Ontwikkel je vaardigheden in communicatie

Leer hoe mannen en vrouwen dynamiek werkt en hoe je dit overal tegen komt.

Leer stap voor stap hoe jij op een oprechte en interessante manier jouw ideale partner kan aantrekken

Transformeer je persoonlijkheid en ontdek een compleet nieuwe belevingswereld

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8 weken coaching

12 weken coaching

52 weken coaching

1 Week Mastermind Casanova Camp

Inclusief vliegticket en verblijf, uitgebreid en effectief programma met veel uitgaan, in field ervaring, daten en succesverhalen.


Shared by students who benefited from my guidance.

Socialprofis is a excellent company! It gave me clarity and insight for my specific goals! It will serve your business and personal matters in a positive way and therefore you will save a ton of time!



So previous saturday i had the pleasure to witness an infield coaching by the boss Amor himself. it was intense en weir at the same time. because for me it whas the moment where i had go out of my comfort zone. but the more i approached women. the more i find it relaxing to do. and the more i i had an calm and easy mind. the ontly thing i finded frustrating is that i had an guy with me. who slowed me down in my conversation i had with women. the way he presented himself. i understood why my coach did it. altho it whas a heavy day for me. i was also super tired of the day

Jilles Teunissen


"Cumhur can be described as a coach who wants go see you succeed. I have tried my hand in self-development for years, but after receiving coaching from Cumhur I have grown more in 1 year compared to the last 3 years. Cumhur achieves this by actually putting me in the field, doing al the action and getting in uncomfortable situations to break my comfort zone. This hands on live-coaching is supplemented by theoretical classes where he breaks down the theory of the psychology used during live coaching session. It is this combination which made me grow much and the fact that Cumhur is such a natural, seeing him in action just rubbed off on me as a student motivating me to make more effort. One thing is for sure, this is the best investment I have done since graduating University!"



My experience a quite positive! This coach really wants the best for you and challenge you to push your personal limits in life!



Greatest relationship advice from Chumhur. Also learned that self-amusement is the key to life!

Silvan Schwarz


His energy is so contagious that you feel a sence of urgency to do something with your life! What he gives = PRICELESS! After years of struggling, I’m finally in a healthy relationship and overview all the mistakes I did in the past. What makes me happy the most, is that my wife and children say every day : ‘’ you’re the best husband/dad we can imagine!’’ Thank you, Cumhur for everything you did for me!



"The interesting thing about Cumhur is that he's one of the few I actually see in action and that can be found doing his thing in daily life. The guy lives and breathes interest social interaction psychology. In fact the guy is so crazy he doesn't seem to do much else. However that does benefit his students. He's rather intense and won't disrespect you for failing. He will disrespect you for being a pussy. May that also be the very trait that toughens the skin of his students. The effectively hard handed type of teacher that's rare to find in today's society. Prepare to grow a pair." Spiro Schuring- Enschede – Fitness Trainer

Aquiles PT


Je kan wel merken dat Amor veel ervaring heeft op dit gebied. Hij heeft mij goed geholpen bij mijn eenzaamheidskwesties en ik kijk hier nu heel anders tegenaan. Hij was altijd bloedeerlijk, soms keihard , maar tegelijkertijd ook grappig en kon het mooi uitleggen en deed het ook altijd goed voor. Alles klopt en ik ben blij dat ik deze man ken en bij hem coaching heb gevolgd. 1 van de weinige echte. Bedankt.



Cumhur is someone who's honest and caring. Which is for me one of the most important things. He is really involved with my personal development and you can tell that he actually cares about my growth, something most coaches are missing. | He can be straightforward, although it comes from a good place. I never felt dissvalued or not believed in around him.JDV

JVD Netwerk


Cumhur helped me with my anxiety to approach people business-wise as in private. I still have a lot to learn and every day is a new day to put his tips and tricks in practice. Thankfull!






Cumhur is an amazing mentor and helped me out so much with how I go about speaking with women. Before I was shy and afraid to be myself. Cumhur really showed how simple it is to create a connection and build upon that with women. My confidence has improved ten fold and I no longer worry about what to say when I see a girl I like. Cumhur taught it doesn't really matter what you say, but how you present yourself and the way you say things that actually matters. I highly recommend Cumhur's services if you are looking to get better with women!

Connor Sellers


Great coaching!



This guy is the real deal. It's not just talk the talk, he actually walks the walk



Learned from Cumhur himself how to look and sound fantastic in social interactions.



Opening my eyes to the real world. And learning to be confident about myself.



I met Cumur in Bali and I have been working on my social skills for quite a while and most people didn't see or dare to tell me how I could improve my social skills. I had one conversation with him that stood out as he gave me a tip that reflected his deep insight into my personality in social settings. "You talk too much; You have to shut up more". It was a lightbulb moment, I saw immediately that the moments where I had the most impact in social settings, were the ones where I listened to others 90 percent of the time and only spoke when I had something very essential to say. He was the first one that dared to tell me that. Thx Cumur

Perform with pleasure


Cumhur has been an amazing life changing experience for me. From not understanding what value means to a woman, not standing in my truth, and having a hard time to get the girls I liked attracted to me, to feeling grounded, girls literately fighting for me, and dating my ideal dream woman who respects me and feeds my masculine entrepreneurial spirit. Can’t thank you enough!

Anri Davids


My experience with Chumur so far has been incredible. When it comes to women and relationship, look no further! He knows exactly how the game works and has a knack for conveying his skills and knowledge to his students. He is incredibly driven to make his student succeed, and definitely knows how to get the job done! 5star guy?



I've known Cumhur for a long time now but worked with him for not that much. I feel like I usually received some good advice from him. Before he started coaching professionally, we used to hang out and he used to recognize some aspects I could improve in my social and seduction skills, even without asking. I can tell you should try his advice and work with him. First, he's going to be your coach but in a friendly way, so you won't feel pressured. Second, he doesn't sell bullshit but he has a honest and straightforward approach of social and dating skills, which I think is better than an undercover one. And third, he is a good motivator too, so I guess working with him for long term won't be exhausting.



Thanks Cumhur, you changed my life for the better! You trained and pushed me beyond my fears that stopped me from having the life I always dreamed about. You are an amazing human being who walks the talk and really wants to see his student succeed. Everyone must know about you! Thank you For your Guidance, Persistence, Energy and WISDOM! You were truly the best mentor for me!! For everyone who thinks it’s too expensive, please think again!! It's an investment, Cumhur helped me with my BIGGEST PROBLEMS!!! If you want to stay in your sad life and don’t want to take action and pay the price to solve your biggest problem. Then you are subconsciously saying “I prefer staying in shit life with a little bit of money (comfort zone) than taking some risk and having the life I want and earning this money back later. What’s money without you being happy? Money is something you can get your whole life. The years you are unhappy you never get back and your life slowly fades away without reaching your full potential. Everyone has to sacrifice something. Make the decision to change your life now! Cumhur is a real mentor, fuck the fake one’s!”

Rogier Vanes


This campany changed my life there for i am greateful . This guy has so much knowledge unbelievably. Thanks Cumhur



I lacked a bit confidence in everything that I have been doing. So I went to Cumhur, to get some coaching. Now I am able to talk, to have an a-game and in my career taking large steps.



Cumhur knows what he is talking about. His teachings are clear and to the point. What I also love is the interaction with the students. And not just talking about the lesson. He'll put you on the spot. And in dating that's where you learn it. Whit the passion he has he's like the Gordon Ramsay of dating. He'll be sharp and on point. But you know those are the teachers you learn the most from.



Betrouwbare coach. Legt op een goede manier uit hoe je dames moet benaderen en heeft mij goed gecoacht op mijn zelfvertrouwen.



Cumhur is a mentor like no other. He really cares about his students and shows this through effective communication. I really felt that he was providing valuable knowledge that he cared deeply about and made sure that we implemented. Cumhur likes to see results, and he'll show you just what kind of results you can bring out from yourself.



Just having a breif meeting with him and the session put a lot more confidence that was hiding in me that is making me push forward and have actually less stress about things. Just having a simple convo actually goes a long way.

Danny Ahlers


Its great and it helps me a lot.



Mastermind Mr Cumhur for president. I followed 1 Q&A session and allready i have the feeling that this is the guy i need. Iam not lying. I saw the expressions on the faces of the other man during this zoom-party. He is clear and straight to the point. The session made me think of Mastermindsessions i did in the past. These were groupgatherings related to RSD taught by a mentor about lifestyle and dating with main topic daygame/nightgame. But Mr Cumhur is far more advanced. He is the complete mastermind and your boss. With a hell of life-experiences himself. All participants should listen to him. Accept his nononsense and unorthodox method. You should do the homework he gives and accept the consequenses. If you do not listen to mr Cumhur you will be having a bad day. If you do not obey or fail to do your exercises he can be your worst nightmare. Cruel? Well that is needed to make the best out of you. However when you follow everything he teaches you in his Q&As he will be enjoyable and even funny. No man is out of his league. He might can make a real man and casanova out of you in 3 months but if you need more time, he is willing to understand. He is the thinking along with you in an empathic way and will fight for you to get you there. If you do all he askes he will make a real selfconfident natural alpha man out of you in no-time with all the ladies you want. Forget all the dating courses you paid so much money for in the past. PUA's and dating advices from magazines. This is the only man you need. You do not need any theatrical datingadvice. Believe me as I say that I paid for: Several dating books and programs including: Veninga's manslut, masterflirt, RSD courses. (This said might give me enemies. But a real man is not afraid to share his opinion) To conclude as stated above: This Mastermind Mr Cumhur will help you to the next level in your self-believe and far beyond your own imagination.. Thanks for this great session mr Cumhur. I look forward for more soon.



I loved connecting with Cumhur, he's an excellent person and can bring anyone incredible value they can use to help guide them throughout life.



You can read a lot of books, but taking action is something different. I had results and transformed in a positive way. Don’t miss the opportunity by this excellent coach.



Had a good experience with this coach.



This coach has the ability to make a difference due to his knowledge and experience. Recommended.



Cumhur`s coaching exceeded my expectations and helped me to gain clarity and insight.



Good Company

Social Profis


I had a great personal experience with Cumhur. My confidence was definitely boosted just by being in his surroundings. His bold approach to life and women truly inspirers. He knows a lot about communication and body language and he continues to educate about them.

Ties Jezuit


Ik ben fortuinlijk genoeg geweest om via via met Cumhur in contact te zijn gekomen. Met hem heb ik een intensief programma voor het verbeteren van interpersoonlijke communicatievaardigheden gevolgd. Door mijn jarenlange ervaringen in (inter)nationale sales heb ik veel mensen leren kennen die sociaal extreem vaardig zijn maar Cumhur steekt hier met kop en schouders bovenuit. Het komt direct uit de bodem van mijn hart als ik schrijf dat ik nog nooit iemand heb ontmoet met communicatievaardigheden op zijn niveau. De theoretische en praktische lessen waren onbetaalbaar. De beslissing om de coaching te volgen was gegarandeerd een van de beste drie beslissingen uit mijn leven. In het bijzonder de praktijkdag die we samen hadden, was zonder enig mogelijke twijfel de meest productieve dag ooit. Cumhur mag misschien veel dingen zeggen dat hij die waar gaat maken maar ik moet nog een persoon tegengekomen in mijn leven die net zo veel waarmaakt van wat hij zegt als Cumhur. Mijn dank naar hem is oneindig.

Jan Verbeek


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Respectvol, vriendlijk, een sterke en aanwezige energie die onweerstaanbaar is.

Respectvol, vriendlijk, een sterke en aanwezige energie die onweerstaanbaar is.

Casanova: man van zijn woord.

Players: liegen voor eigen gewin.

Controle over je emoties, gewoontes en wereld.

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Wie kan ik goed helpen?

Volwassen mannen met onzekerheden omtrent het ontmoeten, flirten en daten van vrouwen

Carriere gemaakt maar je huis  voelt zo leeg? Alle harde werkers, IT’ers en zakenmensen die op zoek zijn naar een langdurige relatie

Wil je een betere natuurlijke leider worden? Publiekelijk spreken.

Meer zelfvertrouwen uitstralen? Comfortabel zijn met jezelf ongeacht hoe je er uit ziet?

Degenen die controle willen hebben over hun leven en ervaringen, worden de architect van hun leven.


Ben je benieuwd?

Voel jij je onzeker? Zie je jezelf niet als de held van je eigen verhaal? Mis je zelfvertrouwen? Ben je gefrustreerd en moe van het eenzaam zijn?

Maak je geen zorgen. Ik sta voor je klaar. Plan een afspraak met mij.

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~Authentieke acceptatie van jezelf en anderen~