The Ultimate Guide To Manipulating Women Into Sleeping With You

Getting laid is a massive challenge for a lot of men. Now, why the hell would you want to take the tried and true approach of building yourself into an awesome guy who has a happy, fulfilling and awesome life, when you could simply get what you want by manipulating women into sleeping with you?

Manipulation is the shortcut of the shortcut. It’s the hack of the trick. It’s the trick where you shortcut the hack that you just shortcutted. It’s the perfect way to skip all the uncomfortable truths that you’re avoiding, and simply teleport yourself to the pussy palace where all your (wet) dreams will most certainly come true.

I’m not lying. You can trust me. I’m someone on the internet. Here’s a testimonial that definitely wasn’t made up:

“Finally!… A Free Guide That Gets You Everything You Want In Life Without Effort, Time Or Doing Anything You Don’t Want To Do!” – Joe Bloggs.

WOWEE! I wonder why no one has created a guide like this before? I must be the most bestest and smartest dating coach in the world, so please, call me by my PUA Pseudonym, Sarcasmo.

Alright, so before we get into the manipulation tactics of how you can opt out of the inevitable processes of life, we need to hone in on some super-mega-uber-mindsets that will make you every single masculine-sounding buzzword that I can’t even be fucked writing.



Alright, to become an expert manipulator, it’s important that you adopt certain mindsets. You can do this once you understand these particular foundational “truths”:


This is the first foundational truth that you must adopt, and lucky for you, you probably already have it. You’re the special snowflake at the centre of the world, and no one has ever had problems like you have before. So even if you somehow learned some actual truths about yourself, no matter what you do about growing yourself, you’ll never be good enough – so why even try?

To cement this “truth” deep within your poor little victim’s mind, make sure you have unrealistically HIGH expectations about how the world is “supposed” to be, while simultaneously judging everything you’ve ever done with a glass-half-empty frame. Nothing sets you up for certain failure faster than having an inaccurate worldview that conveniently places you up shit creek without a paddle.


Nothing gets you out of addressing your shortcomings as a man faster than conveniently blaming something outside of your control.

Oh, what’s that? You’re telling me you don’t have confidence because you weren’t born from the dick of Zeus, chiselled by Michelangelo himself, given approval from your god of choice, or given a bazillion dollars in some trust fund from a rich uncle? Well, I guess because the planets weren’t aligned during the conception of your imperfect self, you’re just destined to fail.


What’s the point of even trying if everything isn’t perfect, easy, and handed to you on a silver platter?


Nothing shifts the blame from ourselves quicker than blaming other people. In this case, we should blame people that you have a limited understanding of – women.

Oh, what’s that? Did you get rejected by a girl once? She was mean to you and called you creepy? Did you get cheated on by an ex? She acted all “crazy” and instead of trying to figure out how you can do better next time, you just decided to temporarily make life easier for yourself and tarnish them all with the crazy brush?

Naw, you poor snowflake! You must be the only human on the planet who has had negative experiences with the opposite sex of our species! So instead of learning from it, let’s use it as ammo and reasons to act like a deadset fucking douchebag player.

ALL RIGHTY! Let’s lock those truths in faster than a dodgy salesman locks in your fee-riddled payment plan for that thing you didn’t want.

With these three “foundational truths”, you are all set to conveniently unsubscribe from all responsibility and shift blame to other people. Now you can give yourself permission to act like a deadset fucking douchebag player (AKA: A “[]D [] []v[] []D”) who manipulates women into providing that vaginal-validation you think is going to make you happy.

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Dust off those boxes of condoms, boys! You’re about to get more pussy than a sexy Instagram model gets creepy DM’s from Indian dudes.


Just because you’ve got nothing going on in your life due to booze, laziness, deadbeat friends, and fear, you can easily trick a woman into thinking you’re busier than you really are. Blatantly lying about your job as a Dolphin trainer at SeaWorld is an easy lie to tell, but (unless she’s a complete dumbass) it often gets found out before she lets you diddle her pooter.

So, while lying about your job is an easy and effective thing to do, it’s even more powerful to pretend you’re busy doing whatever it is that you do.

When you get a girl’s number, wait at least 3 days before contacting her. Your scarcity will create massive amounts of self-doubt of her worthiness, and when you eventually get around to contacting her (because you have been so busy 😉) she will be so relieved that you want her and will jump at the chance to spend time with such a high-status male.

I mean you could actually BE hard to get (through building an awesome life that you love, while doing the things that are important to you), but that takes work and work is for people who aren’t douchebags players.


Alright, so you’ve got her out on a date and things are going well. But things are going a little too well, so your insecurities and fear of success will need you to start throwing spanners in the works.

A “neg” is an old-school tactic used by douchebags legends to subtly lower the self-worth of a female down off the pedestal he placed her on, so he can unconsciously elevate himself to the point where she thinks that he’s the one doing her a favour by allowing her his dick. Neg a girl properly and you’ll become the Red Cross of charitable fucking – The Triple Red Cross. Wow, you’re such a gentleman!

Judge her on her past mistakes that she vulnerably shares with you. Judge her on her outfit. Make her second guess her decisions. Covertly reduce her self-belief and self-esteem to a point where she has to rely on you to survive, then threaten to dump her for being needy.

I mean, you could just be naturally challenging through having a worthwhile opinion, being of high-value, and not unnecessarily putting her on a pedestal, but that’s for men who aren’t complete fucking losers super awesome players.


Did she reject your advances? Are things not going your way? Send her an essay via text message about how much of a victim you are, and watch her swoon over you with the enthusiasm of a magpie that aggressively attacks anyone remotely near her nest.

Some extra hacks:

  • Send her messages about how you thought she was the one, and how this always happens to you.
  • Blame her for you choosing to feel so sad. Women love a man who can’t control his emotions.
  • Delete her number, then when she texts or calls you, ask “who’s this?”
  • Threaten her with the fact that you’ll never talk to her again after every single insignificant thing that goes against your favour.
  • Get angry for no reason at random intervals to keep her on her feet. Blame her for it.

This is a perfect time to pull out the violin and sing the song of “I’m not good enough and never will be”. It makes her want you, BADLY.


Women are suckers for a man who has drive and ambition. But drive and ambition take work, so it’s easier just to lie through your teeth and talk about all the shit you’re “gonna” do.

Tell her about the business ideas, the fingers in the pies, the networks you’re “working on”, and all the stuff you’re going to buy with all that money you’re gonna make. It’ll make her want to lock you down almost instantly!

Don’t worry about being found out, you can always make excuses as to why things didn’t work out, but let’s face it, your insecurities will ensure she won’t be hanging around for very long anyway.


There is one way that is a sure-fire way to protect yourself from any possible rejection, while also getting yourself deep behind enemy lines. You’re like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, who can pounce whenever he wants.

This is done by becoming the White Knight.

The white knight is a subset of the classic nice guy. Where a Nice Guy is passive, hoping that mere proximity and him being “nice” will eventually win a woman’s heart, a White Knight is active and is working to “rescue” a woman in “distress”. It’s “Pretend Heroism” and is a dishonest, ineffective and sleazy way to manipulate girls into liking you.

The white knight is the worst of them both because he will also actively try and bring any other man down who is a perceived threat to his female trophy.

Becoming a white knight is a process:

Firstly, tuck your dick between your legs and get yourself friend zoned. This will allow you to get invited to sleepovers, disgustingly biased feminism rally’s, brunches, and any other fucking stupid shit other short-sighted women do.

Then what you want to do, is subtly be a fucking dick to any masculine male that approaches the woman you want.

You can listen to her heartbreak stories after she gets screwed over by another male, while you braid her hair, and maybe (definitely not), after some time, she will realise that you’re the hero she has always wanted and will sit on your face. If it doesn’t happen, just keep being a really nice doormat and eventually, she will let you into her love cave.

To wrap this up, what you basically need to do is be completely dishonest, insecure, and do no work on yourself whatsoever. Tear as many people down as you can, and then just maybe you’ll get what you want (Nah, you won’t).



Sure, manipulations work in sales and they also work in dating. It creates these false scarcities that might work in the short term, but they make you lose MASSIVELY in the long term. The car salesman who manipulates you into buying the piece of shit car you didn’t really want, doesn’t get any word of mouth referrals from you. In fact, he gets blasted all over the internet for selling you such a piece of shit. His business fails.

When you pretend to be a “player” you might get laid, but the quality of the women you trick aren’t the ones you are satisfied with, and you’ll never find happiness by always having to pretend to be someone that you’re not. Give it a go, but when you’re done wasting time being a manipulative fuckhead and never feeling truly happy from all the “lays”, get in contact with me and I’ll show you the fast way to be good with amazing girls, and build an even better life.

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  • October 26, 2017