If you look at most dating advice that is sold to people, they focus so much on the “hacks” or “Tactics”.

This is because it is easy to sell.

What would you rather buy – “3 ways to seduce her right now” or “Become the Man who attracts Amazing Women – In only 12 months.”

Obviously, we tend to opt for the first one.

This is because it appears easy. It apparently requires minimal effort and gets the best upside.

But it’s utterly bullshit.

Go hang out with an alcoholic or a junkie. Do they seem happy? They get to “party” and “have a great time – all the time”.

But do they seem like happy and fulfilled people?

No. No fucking way. They’re miserable.

You see, we human beings naturally opt for the easy way – the short cut. We are biologically hardwired to seek the easy road – yet we know that logically and practically it is foolish.

There is so much technical know-how out in the world regarding dating. You can find information so easily by doing a quick google search. But with all this information, why do so many people still struggle in dating?

Well, they’re so hooked on the strategies and the tactics. The little shit. The surface level BS that lacks depth. And don’t get us wrong here – that stuff does matter. But it matters for far less than the important stuff. Every single little hack or tactic is 0.001% that does eventually add up.

In our programs, we have the tactics, hacks, the strategies and the “dirt”. The things you should say. The things you should do. While it isn’t unimportant it certainly isn’t as IMPORTANT as the bigger picture.

And you are the bigger picture.


To attract better women into your life, you become better yourself. You don’t get better by learning lines and tactics, you get better by becoming BETTER and more effective as a male.

You go and get the job you want. Earn the money you want. Have the freedom you want. Go on the holidays you want. Contribute to the world the way you want. Have the experiences you want. Go and meet the women you want.

Which all sounds great – but most Men don’t make the effort actually carving out the life that THEY find attractive.

Why? Because it is hard.

And it requires WORK.

And work requires emotional stress and putting yourself into slightly uncomfortable situations, regularly, forever. Until you die.

That stuff is hard to sell. Which is why it is so rare to be seen. It’s not the advice you want to hear, but it is the stuff you NEED to hear. Because no one likes work. But everyone wants the shit that can only be done with work – which is why everyone struggles and complains about the shitty life situations that they’re in, instead of working on the hard shit and getting rewarded with the good stuff.


The Long way is the shortcut. You can fight it and avoid it all you want, but eventually, you’ll learn it’s truth, and you’ll be pissed at yourself for wasting so much of your life chasing the shortcuts.