If you take this challenge, you will meet, attract and date more amazing women than you ever thought was possible.

Specifically, you’ll learn:
- How and where to meet women who are a perfect match for you, immediately reducing your chances of rejection, and increasing your confidence ten-fold.

- How to get into a “flow state” where you are naturally fun, social, flirty and girls actually WANT to talk to you.

- The best ways to approach women in ANY situation.

- How to easily get her number, and how to effectively follow up with her making sure the first date actually happens.

- The best first date ideas (that won’t cost you any money) that are fun, interesting and will immediately make you unforgettable and attractive in her eyes (and begging for date #2).

Each Day In This Challenge...

- We will send you an in-depth video outlining critical components of meeting, attracting and dating women .

- You will have actionable tasks to get the results you want.

- You will get feedback, support and guidance in the exclusive Facebook group.

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And the best parts?

No pretending to be someone you’re not. You know how you are around your closest buddies? Yeah, that’s the real you. So, we will teach you how to be that guy around hot women, while also arming you with the skills needed to attract them.

No games, lines or manipulation tactics that plague the meet markets of the world. This makes dating EXTREMELY easy and you’re infinitely more likely to succeed. You will be immediately better off than 99% of the men out there, simply because you’re taking the correct actions.

All that (plus more) in only 7 days.

Want to finally dominate this part of your life? We challenge you to do it.

In the 7 Day Challenge, You'll Be Joining Hundreds of Other Men In A Supportive Environment To GUARANTEE YOUR SUCCESS...


Adam and Brett are dating coaches with over 10 years of combined experience in helping men around the world grow into the best versions of themselves and attract better women into their lives.

Located in Brisbane, Australia, they run a podcast, live boot camps and online training events sharing their experiences and knowledge with men who want to live a life they love.

They provide a BRUTALLY HONEST APPROACH to life, dating and attraction, by teaching men to be completely upfront and honest about who you are and where your intentions lie.

The end result is attracting the right people into your life, while also pushing away the wrong people. Honesty is the shortcut to living the life you want.

Brett and Adam have interesting and different perspectives on dating. It isn't like anything else I have ever seen, and it works on a deeper level. Most of the stuff I have seen is all about tactics and hacks. Which is okay, but unless you have the underlying psychology, those tactics are useless.

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